How Providers benefit from Direct

Direct offers secure delivery of health information for immediate use by healthcare providers, enabling physicians and hospitals to increase efficiency and lower costs.

  • Exchange of paper records is slow, expensive and inadequate for quality care
  • Too often, PCPs seeing patients following hospitalization are forced to ask patients “What happened in the hospital?”
  • Computer processing of information received through fax or US mail is not possible.
  • Traditional email and phone call exchanges may violate HIPPA requirements

Direct enables physicians to reliably send orders to labs and receive results in a structured format which is incorporated immediately into the EHR with the potential to improve care (meeting MU2 requirements). Major reference labs have established Direct accounts enabling this process, eliminating the need for costly interfaces between the EHR and the lab.

Direct lightens the workload of physicians’ offices by:

  • Streamlining the process of treatment authorizations for non-physician providers – home health, long-term care, therapists
  • Simplifying reporting requirements to Medicare and other payers
  • Improving communication between members of a patient’s care team in various ways

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